Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Good morning everyone!
Unfortunatly my shopping has been limited to my small town lately as my credit card hasn't arrived yet, I just don't understand why my parents got my first one cut off but whatever. No shopping for a month is really starting to show, I've saved £400 already which should probably pay for my plane ticket to Idaho in Summer, but that can wait for now. I've been browsing the internet, searching all my regular sites looking, and not to mention drooling, over everything!

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Illustrated People swallow necklace, £110
I'm loving this cute little silver necklace with a capital L. Swallow charms always seem to capture me, which is why I was so excited to see this.

Adidas Neon watch, £50
Now, bright colours always seem to woo me which is why I loved this watch. Unfortunatly I don't wear watches so I won't be buying it. Somehow I just can't seem to stop thinking that it's a rip-off of the popular Nooka watch though. Oh well! I'd love if the Adidas one came in bright blue, I'd definatly buy it because I adore blue and this watch is so cheap that I wouldn't mind if I only wore it a few times.

Illustrated People skull necklace, £120
Again, skull charms always make me feel weak in the knees but I have a problem with this one, that being that it isn't completely 3d which kind of ruins the appeal of it for me, but I'll probably just get over it and purchase it anyway because I think it would look lovely with an Alexander McQueen scarf!

Vintage Dior Sunglasses, £110
Wow! In autumn I bought a pair of Dior sunglasses for £70 on sale, which by the way are back up at the full price of £110. But I will definatly be buying this pair to add to my collection, I feel a collection of Dior sunglasses coming on, they're sooo well made!

French Connection sleeveless cardigan, £55"
I was stunned by this, which unfortunatly didn't last long as I feel I'm a little too fat to pull it off. I already have a sleeveless cardigan similar and I look awful in it, so I would feel totally concious of myself if I wore this, it's one of those things that only super skinny people can make work, unfortunatly!

Star print dress, £28
This is extremely similar to a Chanel print dress which is why everyone should definatly buy it, and as a bonus it looks absoloutly adorable and you could pretty much team it up with whatever you want.

Swallow print skirt, £20
Swallows again! It seems they could be quite popular in the upcoming months. They also have the matching dress, but personally I think it looks way too slutty and cheap, whereas this skirt is funky and fresh.

Hexagonal box bag, £25
This may not be something you would wear every day, but it certainlty a must have. They have other colours but I chose yellow as it's my favourite colour. I think it's adorable and you could even team the blue one up with the star dress I previously mentioned!

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the Muse said...

ASOS haulage! YAY :) They have some great stuff ;) Prices are insane though UK side no offense!

I have a total addiction to skull charms, earrings, accessories, etc..etc...

I LOVE dior sunglasses! I have three pairs but sadly I look like a bloody idiot with them on so they sit on my vanity and I look at how pretty they are daily without ever wearing them!


great finds ;)


Nice blog btw!